You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Vail Automotive:

I have used Dan Vail for over 30 years on many different cars. Several family members and friends have gone there on my referral and been pleased. If it don't need fixin' Dan don't fix it, if it does he's the man. Always honest, reasonable and knowledgeable. Sadly, he may retire in the not far future, but maybe not. I think he loves what he does and helping people is high on his list.

Very personal friendly service. They are honest and do their best to accommodate your needs. I keep going back, because they tell it to me straight about my old clunker of a car..... They let me know if there is something out of their realm of expertise and make referral if needed (such as a need for a new transmission). Wish I could say they brought my car back from the dead, but alas it has died after 17 years of loyal service to me.

I've used them for over twenty years on many different makes and models. They are very good and have almost always fixed my car completely and correctly the first time. Even more important, when the problem hasn't been fixed the first time, they have always stood behind their work and corrected it without charging. For my money, that's the very definition of car mechanic integrity. I just wish they were open on weekends.

I'm very happy with my experience with Vail, especially since I took my car there in desperation after my regular mechanic charged me over $500 to *not* fix my car. They zeroed in on the problem immediately and fixed it for a very reasonable price. I will be using them again.

My father's mechanic and mine since I was 17... he can remember anything he's ever fixed on any of my cars! Treats me like a daughter - :)

Always honest and never been overcharged in more than 10 years of going to this garage

I am a 27 yr old female who has taken my car to Dan for over 10 years. He has always treated me as if I was his own daughter, with respect and honesty. Recently my brakes felt weird and he checked them out totally and told me nothing was wrong and didn't charge me a nickle. I live around the corner from the shop and I wasn't home or able to be reached by phone when they were finished with the car, they closed the shop early for a holiday weekend and he drove my car to my house, parked it in the driveway and left my key in a safe place. He really is the worlds best mechanic!!!

I like them. So far, they have done good work at a reasonable price.

I've been going to Dan Vail for years, and I still take my car (and now my wife's car) there even though I've moved out of the neighborhood. He knows what he's doing and he's honest. What more do you want from a mechanic? He's also a pretty funny guy, gruff exterior notwithstanding.